Prof. (Dr) Richa Hirendra Rai - DPSRU (2023)

Prof. (Dr) Richa Hirendra Rai - DPSRU (1)

Research Impact

(Video) Physiotherapeutic Cardiac Care in the era of COVID-19 by Dr. Richa Hirendra Rai

Prof. (Dr) Richa Hirendra Rai


Academic Qualifications

BPT,MPT (Cardiovascular and Respiratory), Yoga Teachers Training Course, MBA (finance),CFA, PGDHE, PhD

Academic Experience

(Video) Physiotherapy&Yoga to fight COVID Dr. Shilpa Jain, Assoc. Prof & HOD, School of Physiotherapy, DPSRU

14 Years

Clinical Experience

5 Years

Possessing diverse knowledge of physiotherapy with over 20 years of professional experience, her key areas of interest have been a milieu of ICU care, Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation along with Conception and Implementation of Respiratory care, application of Diverse Clinical Physiotherapy skills and Exercise Protocol in Community Health Care, besides being a continuous learner and a passionate teacher.

  1. Comparison of Non Diabetic Young Adults with and without Parental History of Diabetes Mellitus For Heart Rate Recovery.
  2. Study on Immediate effect of Butyeko Breathing Technique on Cardio Respiratory Parameters in Young Adults.
  3. Therapies over medication: Comparing the effect of TENS and Cupping therapy to enhance the performance in female college going students.
  4. Relationship between core stability and performance in recreational cricket players. 5. Variation in Autonomic Function (CANS) Tests in Young Adults with and without Parental History of Diabetes Mellitus.
  5. A Study on Immediate effect of Butyeko Breathing Technique during submaximal exercise on Cardio Respiratory Parameters in Young Adults.
  6. Reliability of IPAQ-SF for young adults in India.
  7. Level of Physical Activity in college going students in Delhi.
  8. To study the validity, reliability and acceptability of an audio signal modified shuttle walk test in COPD patients.
  9. Management of Bio-Medical Waste: Awareness and practices in Hospitals in Delhi. 11. Physical Activity level in South Asians: A Review.
  10. Effect of Music on Heart Rate Recovery and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Normal Individuals.
  11. Prevalence Of Musculoskeletal Neck Pain Due To Text Neck In College Students Of NCR. 14. To Determine the Correlation of BMI, Height and Weight With Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Young Adults.
  12. Relationship of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate with Waist Circumference, Hip Circumference, and Waist-to Hip Ratio in Young Adults.
  13. Pathophysiology and Significance of Troponin T in Heart Failure, with Reference to Behavioral Risk Factors.
  14. Minimizing the adverse effects of work environment in upper limb: a literature review. 18. Prevalence of diet and lifestyle factors among patients with coronavirus infection with reference to healthy subjects.
  15. Technology Enabled Teaching and Online Learning in North India during Lockdown in Pandemic COVID 19.
  16. The Evolution of Circadian Rhythm and Increased Oxidative stress as Mechanisms of Circadian Dysfunction.
  17. When to Exercise and Have Sports Activity to Enhance Heart Rate Variability and Overall Health. 22. Effects of Prayer and Meditation on Circadian Dysfunction.
  18. Molecular hydrogen as an adjuvant therapy may be associated with increased oxygen saturation and improved exercise tolerance in a COVID‐19 patient.
  19. Impact of Increased Screen Time on Physical and Psychological Health of Indian Students During COVID-19.
  20. Effect of smart phone usage time on Scapular position and respiratory function: Cross sectional Study. 26. Repeated episodes of physical training induced hypoxia, may be associated with improved exercise tolerance in covid-19.
  21. Narrative review on effects of physical training on risk of cardiometabolic diseases. 28. Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Work ability and its Predictors among Nurses Working in Delhi Hospitals


  1. Seminar on Interpretations of Radiography and MRI and Latest Trends and Techniques in operative management of spine, IAP, KG Patel Children Hospital Vadodara.
  2. Seminar on Community Based Rehab – IAP Baroda Branch
  3. Seminar on National Research Methodology – Indian Council of Medical Research and PG Academic Committee – T.N.M.C. Nair Hospital.
  4. Seminar on Scientific Communication by India Council of Medical Research Symposium – Mumbai (T.N.M.C).
  5. Faculty development program on Leveraging Technology.
  6. Evidence Based Practice-The need of the day.
  7. An insight into recent advances in Spinal Cord Injury Management.
  8. Shoulder Symposium- Basics of Rehabilitation, Vasant Kunj Fortis.
  9. Seminar on Basics of First Aid, BCIP, New Delhi
  10. Seminar on Basic Imaging Techniques, BCIP, New Delhi
  11. Anti tobacco Awareness, BCIP, New Delhi.
  12. Introduction to Human Motion Analysis, BCIP, New Delhi.
  13. CME on Advances in field of Physiotherapy, Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  14. Seminar on Awareness of Breast Cancer, 30th Oct 2017
  15. 1st Cancer Rehabilitation Symposium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, 13th Oct 2018 16. Seminar on North East community awareness organized and attended on 18th Jan 2019 17. Seminar on Role in Temporomandibular joint disorders on 1st Feb 2019.
  16. Seminar on Sensitization of Cashless Transaction Culture on 26th August 2019 (conducted in BCIP) 19. CME on Clinics in Chest Medicine on 15th Dec 2019 at Le Meridian, New Delhi 20. Webinar Speaker: 10th May 2020 Conducted Talk on “Role of Physiotherapy in ICU for patients of COVID 19”- for Gayatri College of Physiotherapy Sambalpur

21. Webinar Speaker on 10th Sept 2020 “Physiotherapeutic Cardiac Care in the era of COVID-19”- on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day 2020 organised by IAP Women Cell Haryana State branch 22. Speaker on “Recovering from COVID”: Youreventdoctor: Community awareness on Instagram on 23rd


  1. National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases – Mumbai.
  2. Joint Annual Conference of BBIAP and Physio Private Practitioners Group – Mumbai. 3. NAPCON 2001, Mumbai
  3. 38th Annual Conference of IAP 29th-30th Jan 2000– Mangalore
  4. 41st Annual Conference of IAP-31st Jan- 2nd Feb 2003 KEM Mumbai
  5. 44th Annual Conference of IAP-6th-8th Jan 2006, Ahmedabad.
  6. Conference on Emergency Care: A comprehensive approach-Delhi on 11th Nov 2011 8. Conference on Knee and Spine-Radiological and clinical viewpoints-Delhi-20th Dec 2010 9. Shoulder injuries in sports persons-a comprehensive overview-Delhi- 29th Jan 2011 10. International Conference & Workshop of Physical Therapy 6-7th Nov at AIIMS Delhi , 2011 11. Conference on Spinal Injuries in sports Persons-A Comprehensive Approach-Delhi-16th Nov 2011. 12. An insight into electro diagnosis and radiological viewpoints in neurological conditions-20th Sept 2012 Delhi
  7. Meniscal Injuries- A Comprehensive Approach, 31st Oct 2012,BCIP, New Delhi 14. AIIMSPTCON2013- 17th– 22nd Jan 2013
  8. Foot Anomalies: Pathophysiology and Management,28th June 2013, BCIP, New Delhi 16. Moral Values in health care Practice, BCIP, New Delhi, 5th Oct 2013
  9. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Healthcare AIIMS- 11-12th Jan 2014- Invitee Speaker 18. Management of Breast Cancer- A Holistic Approach, BCIP, New Delhi: 7th March 2014 19. Recent Advancements in Neuro rehabilitation, 13th Oct 2014,BCIP, New Delhi 20. Awareness of TB in community, BCIP, New Delhi, 4th Dec 2014.
  10. Speaker and Delegate INCPT AIIMS-19th-20th Dec 2014
  11. National Congress of Physical Therapy, Ghaziabad, 10-11th Oct 2015
  12. Conference on World Stroke Day 2015 29th Oct
  13. Speaker and Delegate and Scientific paper abstract reviewer in INCPT AIIMS 28th-29th Nov 2015 25. Cardio Connect Annual Conference at Max Super-specialty Hospital Saket, New Delhi ,18th Sept 2016- Invitee Speaker
  14. Rotator Cuff Injuries, BCIP, New Delhi, 18th Oct 2016
  15. Speaker and Delegate at MHC AIIMS 6th Nov 2016
  16. Conference on “Growing Menace of Air Pollution-Its Causes & Management”, BCIP, New Delhi 16th Nov 2016
  17. Speaker and Delegate at INCPT AIIMS-2016, 10-11th Dec 2016
  18. Conference on Sports Rehabilitation at BCIP , New Delhi, 11th Jan 2017
  19. Speaker at Apollo Physiocon 2017 on 9th Sept 2017
  20. INCPT AIIMS 2017, 9-10th Dec 2017
  21. Conference on Antitobacco Awareness, New Delhi, 24th Jan 2018
  22. Sports Connect 2018, New Delhi, 18th Feb 2018
  23. CME on latest concept in Clinical Physiotherapy at VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, 18th March 2018- Invitee Speaker
  24. 1st National Sports Physiotherapy Conference at Constitution Club of India, 7th Oct 2018 37. INCPT AIIMS 2018, 22-23rd Dec 2018
  25. Multidisciplinary Approach for Spastic Pediatric Population,at BCIP, 21st Feb 2019 39. 2nd National Sports Physiotherapy Conference , PLB auditorium, New Delhi14-15th Sept 2019 40. Paper Presentation at INCPT AIIMS 2019: To Study the effects of aerobic training on HRR and

respiratory parameters in Obese Individuals, 21st Dec 2019 (1st Prize) and delegate at INCPT AIIMS 2019, 21st and 22nd Dec 2019.

  1. Invitee speaker at An International Congress on «Chronobiology In Medicine And Sports» Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Prof Franz Halberg organized by Moscow, Russia,RUDN University, on 7th Dec 2020 on “Evolution of Circadian Rhythm, Oxidative Stress and Mechanisms of Circadian Dysfunction”.
  2. Invitee speaker for International Scientific and Practical Conference “Religious and Cultural Environment as a Factor of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronavirus”, on 26th Jan 2020 organised by “Zhuravli” and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the topic “Effects of Physical Training on Emotional Health”
  3. Chaired a session and attended conference AICTE sponsored National Education Policy Transformational Reforms in Higher Education: Making a Global Impact organized by DPSRU & Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology on 17-18th Dec 2021
  4. Attended seminar Women in Physiotherapy: Journey Across Decades : Panel Discussion CPRS, Jamia Milia University in collaboration with Gender Adcancement for Transforming Institutions (GATI) – DST on 26th March 2022.
(Video) Scientific Session Junior 1PM-4PM
    1. Anatomy Workbook- A Practical Guide
    2. Exercise Therapy Made Easy: Guiding principles handbook- एक्सरसाइज थेरेपी सरल अनुवाद: Book Chapter Published:
    3. Effects of fenugreek seeds on cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases. In: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Metabolic and Non-Communicable Diseases. Academic Press-An imprint of Elsevier;
    4. Vitamins and minerals as nutraceuticals in cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases. In: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Metabolic and Non-Communicable Diseases. Academic Press An imprint of Elsevier;
    5. Prevalence of Nomophobia and Its Association with Text Neck Syndrome and Insomnia in Young Adults during COVID-19. Data Science for Effective Healthcare Systems, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group by Chapman & Hall. (Book section)

Special achievements • Was invited for a talk on “भौतिक चिकित्सा में रोज़गार की संभावना” by Akashwaani Bhawan. Felt Proud to represent the profession on such a platform. • Was Presented with “Award of Appreciation” by All India Association of Physiotherapists in March 2017 • Was Awarded “ Physio Excellence Award” on the 5th International Conference of Physical Therapy, AIIMS, New Delhi (INCPT AIIMS 2016) • Chaired sessions and have been an invitee speaker and a part of scientific committee in the International Conference of Physical Therapy, AIIMS, New Delhi (INCPT AIIMS)at several occassions • Have been Scientific paper reviewer for AIIMS and SIPCON at several occasions. • Was Selected in All India Institute of Medical Science (A.I.I.M.S) In the year 2005 on post of Junior Physiotherapist. • Have been a co-guide to 4 DNB students at LRS institute Mehroli. • Awarded 2nd prize (SILVER MEDAL) in senior paper presentation in INCPT AIIMS 2018 (international level)- 22nd – 23rd Dec 2018 • Nodal Officer at Department of Student Welfare at University and DHE • Have conducted several Eco Drives and represented institute in society at large • Awarded 1st prize (GOLD MEDAL) in senior paper presentation in INCPT AIIMS 2019 (international level) 21st -22nd Dec 2019 • Felicitated by Honourable Vice Chancellor for sincerity and excellence in performance of duties assigned on 15th August 2021


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