Top 13 boldest 18+ Korean movies in Asia (2023)

The 18+ rating is an essential component of any cinema in the world. However, not a prerequisite for the success of a film, the nude scenes, and hotbed scenes are always the point of attracting the audience's attention. Asian screens have no shortage of 18+ movies, in which Korea, a country that is sensitive to sexual issues, has some. Korean 18+ movies have always focused on attention because of good scripts, cast members with impressive acting alongside hot scenes that are bold but rich in art. If you are interested in this film genre, do not miss the following 12 boldest 18+ Korean films on the Asian screen.

The Concubine (2012)

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The Concubine is a story of conspiracies and lust (Photo: Internet)

Movie Trailer 18+ Korean The Concubine (2012)

Set in the Joseon era, the story of The Concubine is a maze revolving around intrigue and betrayal, lust, lust and envy, disputes that unfold behind regal luxury. Bow. The film revolves around three characters: Hwa Yeon, the daughter of a reigning general, who accepts an offer to protect her lover. Kwon Yoo, a man, always torn between love and hatred. King Seong Won is full of sensual love for Hwa Yeon, no matter how many parties surround him. In a world dominated by power, the three main characters are engaged in a battle of love, power, and foe. In the end, what will win? Emphasizing the tragedy of the dynasty and the royal palace, The Concubine offers the audience a comprehensive view of the war in the deepest place, where human desires, desires, and greed always dominate; at the same time, frightening conspiracies towards the throne are also expressed in a lively and charismatic way. To reach the theater, The Concubine also faced strict censorship and had to cut and edit many hot scenes, but even then, the audience would blush when watching on-screen photos.

The Treacherous (2015)

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The Kingdom of Lust is the most daring 18+ historical movie in Korean cinema (Photo: Internet)

Movie Trailer 18+ Korean The Treacherous (2015)

The Treacherous is called the boldest historical drama ever by Korean cinema, receiving mixed opinions because of its many sensitive scenes and revealing outfits. The content of the movie Wang Trieu Vong talks about Yeonsangun, a real character in history. He is a brutal and ambitious king. He ascended the throne at the age of 18 and did not know that the elders poisoned his mother. During his reign, he had two barbaric purges of Confucian scholars. He also ordered residents to dedicate 10,000 young girls and horses to their entertainment needs. Not only that, but this king also forced the maids to show love to each other, creating hot and daring gay scenes. In addition to describing the dynasty's fall, the plot is thought to have a bright spot when following the revenge journey of a young maid and the conspiracy to usurp the throne of two godly fathers and sons.

A Frozen Flower (2008)

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The 18+ movie scenes of the Queen and the bodyguard are described in extremely detail (Photo: Internet)

Trailer movie 18+ Korean A Frozen Flower (2008)

Released in 2008, A Frozen Flower became a blockbuster in Korean cinema, breaking many box office records and causing a lot of controversies. Based on a true story from the time of King Koryo, the drama revolves around the king, the queen, and the captain of the bodyguard, who has a secret love that is no less intense for the king. But to have a successor, the emperor ordered the captain of the bodyguard at the same time, his lover, to replace himself with the queen. The salty scenes of the Queen and the bodyguard in the film are described in extreme detail. Song Ji Hyo even showed a fierce character herself when she was near actor Jo In Sung. In many scenes, the beauty is ready naked to play the best character.

The Housemaid (2010)

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Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae have daring sex scenes in The Housemaid (Photo: Internet)

Movie Trailer 18+ Korean The Housemaid (2010)

The Housemaid is a remake of the cult film The Housemaid from the 1960s. The film revolves around intrigues, lust, and all the evil hidden in a rich family, with a young couple with one child, a girl, and two maids in the family. A handsome, powerful boss seduced the innocent young maid. By the time the young wife and the housekeeper find out about the nefarious relationship, the story culminates intensely. Jeon Do Yeon and actor Lee Jung Jae had daring sex scenes while playing in the movie "The Housemaid"-a work representing Korean cinema to attend the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.

Obsessed (2014)

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Obsessed has scorching scenes (Photo: Internet)

Movie Trailer 18+ Korea Obsessed (2014)

The film was set in the Vietnam War in 1969. Song Seung Hun is a soldier who has a clumsy relationship with the wife of his subordinates (Lim Ji Yeon). The two are caught up in sinful, lustful passions. Both main actors have extremely hot, naked, and authentic scenes in each movie. After each love affair, both live in fear of being discovered a love affair.

The Servant (2010)

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Hot scenes in the movie The Servant ranked 19+ (Photo: Internet)

Movie Trailer 18+ Korean The Servant (2010)

The film is a series of twisted situations in the love triangle between Bang-ja (Kim Joo-hyuk), the prostitute Chun-Hyang (Jo Yeo-Jung), and the son of the noble Mong-ryong (Ryu Seung-beom). The film is attractive, thrilling with intrigue and forbidden conflict, and has hot scenes by Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Min Joon, and Kim Dong Wuk. Actress Jo Yeo Jeong is not afraid to expose her flesh to describe her character's personality fully. However, the sensitive scenes that are not allowed to be filmed are quite artistic and do not offend. With hot and sensitive scenes in the movie, The Servant is rated 19+.

Scarlet Innocence (2014)

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Scarlet Innocence is a movie full of hotbed scenes (Photo: Internet)


Movie Trailer 18+ Korean Scarlet Innocence (2014)

Scarlet Innocence (2014) is a love story about a zombie and a student 17 years her junior, from a forbidden love with many infatuations, madness, and gradually becoming jealous of misunderstandings. Turn it into hatred and resentment. Scarlet Innocence begins when Professor Hak Kyu (Jung Woo-Sung), a -a man with a romantic, elegant appearance, comes to a remote countryside to teach. Before that, he was caught in a love scandal at his school, so he decided to come here with "the hope of finding something pure that is disappearing within him." However, as soon as he arrived in this small town full of blooming cherry blossoms, he met a young, pretty, and pure girl like a young girl embracing a dream of love. That is Deok Yi (played by Esom), the only girl in Hak Kyu's class full of elders. While the depressed professor regarded herself as "exiled," the dreamy student appeared as a sweet consolation. As a matter of course, Hak Kyu and Deok Yi had a passionate time together. That relationship, however, begins with a series of tragedies. The messages conveyed in the film through the fate of the characters make viewers more light as a movie full of hot bed scenes. Perhaps because of this ambiguity, Scarlet Innocence has gained a lot of success both in terms of art and sales.

Untold Scandal (2003)

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Actor Bae Yong Joon had many hot scenes with female actors in Untold Scandal (Photo: Internet)

Movie 18+ Korean Untold Scandal (2003)

Untold Scandal is a Korean historical drama adapted from the famous French novel Les Liaisons (Dangerous Relationships). In the film, Bae Yong Joon plays thriller Jo Won, who is ordered by her cousin Mrs. Joh (Lee Mi Sook) to impregnate her husband's new concubine. If he does this, the gift he will receive is Joh's body-something that Jo Won has always craved for. However, in hiring Mrs. Joh, To Won accidentally meets and falls in love with the widow Sue (Joen Do Yoen)-a woman who keeps her virginity to worship her husband. And this makes Mrs. Joh unhappy with jealousy. The Korean actor had many hot "hot scenes" with female actors, especially "Post-Cannes 2007" Joen Do Yeon. However, the hot scenes in the movie are not too offensive and vulgar because they are handled well with beautiful angles and lighting. Both show a flutter of true love amid the lovelorn pitfalls of the movie.

Portrait Of A Beauty (2008)

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These hot scenes are appreciated artistically in the film's picturesque frames, rather than being provocative or obscene (Image: Internet)


Trailer: Portrait Of A Beauty (2008)

The film is a fictional tale set in the Joseon era in which the girl Shin Yun Jeong (Kim Gyu Ri) is forced to disguise herself as a man to follow her passion while also having feelings for another person-the mirror seller Kang Mu (Kim Nam Gil) and her master. Kim Gyu Ri has received a great deal of praise for simply portraying two contrasting states of the character, one of the sublimated feelings of passion and the other trivial desire with an emotionless heart. In addition to the 100 percent naked scenes, the actress has daring sex scenes with two male co-stars. These hot scenes are appreciated artistically in the film's picturesque frames, rather than being provocative or obscene.

Natalie (2010)

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Natalie is the first 3D (by real people) film in Korea, and it contains a slew of daring “hot scenes”(Image: Internet)

Trailer: Natalie (2010)

Natalie is the name given to a sculpture that depicts the grace and beauty of a beautiful lady. However, the attractive woman's status is unknown. Natalie is shown in an art exhibition by the talented sculptor Hwang Jun Hyuk. On the last day of the exhibition, Jun Hyuk revealed his passionate hot love with model Oh Mi Ran, a contemporary dance student, to art critic Jang Min Woo. But it appears that Hwang Jun Hyuk and Jang Min Woo have very different memories of Oh Min Ran...Through hot memories, passion, and longing, Mi Ran's mysterious identity is gradually revealed. Natalie is the first 3D (by real people) film in Korea, and it contains a slew of daring "hot scenes."

The Handmaiden (2016)

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Because of the many

Trailer: The Handmaiden (2016)

The Handmaiden is set in the Japanese colonialist occupation of Korea. A thief named Sook-Hee (Kim Tae Ri) is hired by a fraudulent officer pretending to be Count Fujiwara (Ha Jung Woo) to pretend to be the maid of noble lady Hideko (Kim Min-Hee)-the girl Fujiwara intends to marry. He didn't foresee Sook-Hee falling madly in love with Hideko after seeing her uncle Kouzuki forcing her to perform pornographic scenes. Instead, Sook-Hee stopped Hideko from committing suicide and exposed his identity and the Fujiwara con man's scheme. The Handmaiden premiered in the summer of 2016 and soon became a worldwide sensation. Because of the many "daring scenes," the film was rated 18+ when released in Taiwan and Australia.

A Muse (2012)

Top 13 boldest 18+ Korean movies in Asia (12)

A Muse contains numerous erotic scenes (Image: Internet)

Trailer: A Muse (2012)

A Muse is based on the novel Eun Gyo by renowned author Park Bum Shin. The plot revolves around three characters: Lee Yeok Yo (Park Hae Il)-a poet in his 70s, "a muse" Eun Gyo (Kim Go Eun)-a 17-year-old high school student, and Seo Ji Woo (Kim Moo Yeol), -a 30-year old assistant. Lee Juk Yo, a quiet but lonely man in his 70s. There is enough fame and acclaim, but the poet Lee has only his student and assistant-Seo Ji Woo-as a companion (played by Kim Moo Yul). Seo Ji Woo is passionate about literature but lacks talent. So he chose to follow and learn from his master, poet Lee, and volunteered to look after him like an old father. The 70-year-old poet's dull life would have continued in silence if it hadn't been for the morning of that day when he returned home to find a strange young girl falling asleep in the chair on the porch. Eungyo (Kim Go Eun) is a female student who lives apart from her family due to domestic violence. Gradually, her youthful innocence breathed new life into the old poet. A Muse contains numerous erotic scenes and two performances in bed of beauty by Kim Go Eun and two male colleagues in 1991.

Innocent Thing (2014)

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The movie revolves around an awkward teacher-student relationship (Image: Internet)

Trailer: Innocent Thing (2014)

The movie revolves around an awkward teacher-student relationship. Joon Ki (Jang Hyuk) is a well-known gym teacher at a girls' high school who is married and expecting his first child. However, while saving the drowning young girl, Young Eun (Jo Bo Ah), Joon Ki tripped her student's flirting. Faced with the powerful allure of Young Eun, Joon Ki is gradually overcome, making his long-sleeping heart suddenly flutter again. But Joon Ki begins to panic because of her student's obvious "attack." Young Eun's jealousy and extreme actions endanger Joon Ki's wife, forcing him to choose between the two, resulting in a tragic ending.

The following are 18+ Korean films with "hot scenes" that surprised Asian audiences when they first came out. If this is the first time you get to know these movies, you may be surprised to see daring naked performances in bed for the first time. However, sex is not the intended purpose of a film for the audience to see, but it does show the emotional and inner circuits of each character and convey meaningful messages through it. As a result, please watch the movies mentioned above to feel and understand your own emotions. If you are especially taken with a film, don't forget to vote for it.


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